Ningbo JiLu Leader Drive Technologies Co.,Ltd

Invested in the establishment of a high-tech enterprise for the Ph.D. of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, specializing in the development, promotion and production of brushless permanent magnet motor control systems.


Main products are BLDC/PMSM and control system, widely used in agricultural irrigation, household drinking water, husbandry water supplier and other fields.

ABOUTJiLu Leader

Ningbo JiLu Leader Drive Technologies Co.,Ltd

Ningbo JiLu Leader Drive Technologies Co.,Ltd is a a high-tech enterprise which was founded in 2008 that focuses on design, development and manufacture of new energy products. We mainly operate solar brushless DC pumps, brushless DC controllers, pv pumps, solar power systems and other new energy products. The technology development and product innovation has always been our core competence since the establishment of our company. We have acquired many core technologies and patents on new energy...

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